Sounds like you’re the one who is ridiculous and anti-science.

I don’t use this language and I don’t provoke anyone. I am not a Catholic and I don’t accuse anyone for anything like you do. If you can discuss something like a civilized person without provoking and accusing, then fine. If not, go to a good psychiatrist to get help. If you knew anything about the matter you would not respond like a barbarian. So I won’t even bother replying to you. You can read carefully all my other comments, if you know how to read and can understand WHAT you read, that is.

Oh and something else. Use your name and don’t hide behind a pseudonym in order to use the language that you use. It is the manner of cowards to hide behind fake names in order to say whatever they want and not be punished for that.

We all speak freely here so don’t be afraid to enter your name the next time.

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