Bolton also told the Washington Post that, if he could go back in time and take control of the situation knowing everything he knows now, he would still choose to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. Knowing everything he knows now. Knowing how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives it cost, knowing how many thousands of American lives it cost, knowing there were no WMDs, knowing how it would destabilize the region, knowing how long and costly a military operation it would be.
Shut The Fuck Up, John Bolton
Caitlin Johnstone

It is exactly that kind of thinking that has made America fuck up the rest of the world and it started after WWII with the Vietnam war.

Unfortunately the dire consequences of that war, did not teach anything the clowns of both the so called “Democrats”, or their blood brothers, the “Republicans” to stay in their home and mind their own business.

And it gets worse and worse every day. If there ever is a Nuclear WWIII, it will be the USA’s fault alone and people like this shithead -John Bolton- or the other shithead -Henry Kissinger.

Such people should be lobotomized instead of being in the political arena taking decisions that will make us one day pay a dreadful cost.

And to think that all of this is happening in order to control the oil that is in the middle East is making you insane. Even when there are technologies that are much better, cheaper and healthier for us and the planet, they still try to impose to us the use of oil as a means to have energy in almost every aspect of our lives.