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It is really strange when you realize how naive and ignorant of the “outside” world Americans are. They have been fed with the lie of being world’s rescuers since WWII especially, and they believe that the news feeds of their country are telling them the truth.

For (almost) anyone who is living in Europe, it has been one of the strangest things that we see simple American citizens join the army (which is not an their obligation like in my country for instance) and go to fight and die for “freedom and democracy” to the other sides of the world in nations they probably have never heard of. And yet they justify this when it is quite ILLOGICAL.

And when you talk to them you have to convince them for the obvious. Someday I hope they start using the Internet more in order to find how the rest of the world lives and how others think and see things, instead of just playing MMO games.

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