Perhaps, like I sometimes do, you may try to boost your spirits and build self-esteem: we look at ourselves in the mirror before work, insisting that we are lovable and worthy. We stop in times of anxiety to recite the words, “I will give myself a break today.”
What Happens When a Taoist Feels Sad?
Ross J. Edwards

Such a train of thought couldn’t be more wrong! It is not strange then, that we cannot love ourselves when we try to persuade ourselves with lies that we don’t really believe. Because our true inner self knows exactly who we are.

In order to love yourself, yopu must first find out who he really is, however shocking (and it will be, I assure you).

On the other hand, when we understand how fucked-up we usually are by the lie in which we live in, we will have to undestand and accept this true shelf and live with him stoppin to live in the myth of how awesome we are (when we aren’t).

Acceptance is the first step to real love and so the journey starts, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Know thyself.