Is that what we, as members of a democratic society, stand for?
Unlimited Tolerance = Intolerance
Mateja Klaric

The problem is, there is NO DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY that we live in. We are fooled to believe we live in democratic states.

For democracy to really exist, there has to be the proper education — which does not exist — in order for the people to know how to be really democratic and tolerant to other’s differences. And equality in opportunities to had a descent life wit our basic needs covered.

Democracy means freedom and freedom means responsibility on one hand and fearlessness on the other.

Since we live in a state of constant fear, fear for our life, fear for our job, fear for the future, fear for everything — because this is the system that we live in — how can there be democracy?

How can there be democracy when Waren Buffet — for instance — earned 1 billion dollars in a single day from his Apple shares only, while thousands of Americans on the other hand, have no jobs, no health, no education, no food and no future?

Am I the only one here that sees that there is a a scandal and a huge problem in our economic system? Is it strange that these situations give birth to such hate movements, since fear is the father of hate?

When there is no real equality since there is an oligarchy that controls the earth’s wealth, leading the majority of the people of earth to starve, HOW CAN THERE BE DEMOCRACY?

Or do you (Americans) think that this now (and other previous riots on behalf of the black people) is something new and strange? It is the same that happens in Europe from the uncontrollable waves of poor immigrants who have come to the reach West asking for their share from the earth’s wealth.

Welcome to the club.

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