The President And I Have The Same Birthday, And It’s Freaking Me Out
Allan Ishac

You don’t have to worry about alienation of your nation from the rest of the world. So have all your previous presidents done (except the Kennedies). The problem is that they think, and consequently you Amedricans think, that you are somehow different and maybe better than all the other peoples of the world. The election of such a clown as a president is what you reap from the showing your previous POTUSes have done so far. How can you NOT have seen it coming?

By the way I don’t hate you, as you may have thought. It would do you good to ask the other nations how your external policy has impacted them. Thanks to it, we have more wars spreading in the whole world (and more to come) than WWII. And most of them have started due to the work of your former POTUS and his right hand Hillary, whom you wanted as a president instead of Donald Duck. Beautiful!

Well done indeed.