Or … why we shall NEVER have REAL Democracy!

There are two words that are used interchangeably to express the same meaning: that of Democracy.

As you may already know, these are the words “Democracy” — from the Greek ‘DIMOKRATIA’ — and Republic — from the Latin ‘REPUBLICA.

Although they seem to have the same meaning, they are vastly…

I am not strange. Strange is the world that can not cope with diversity …

Mary is a student of the 3rd grade in the elementary school. The story is recounted by her teacher and I want to share it with you.

She is one of those kids that, although…

There is a story I want to tell

About a place, the Rainbow Hotel

Where only strange people dwell

A strange fragrance, you can smell.

You’ll find this place, or maybe not

Sometimes in deserts very hot

Sometimes in places very cold

Like in a story with a strange plot.

Why there was such a big shift from the early Church? The big misunderstanding.

Most of us — Christian or not — have heard the way the early Church of Jesus Christ lived and behaved in a way that has not been immitated (mostly) in the centuries to come. …

Bear with me I am Greek!

What is the meaning (for you Americans) of having only two political parties that have the same name in different languages (one in Greek and the other in Latin) that both mean the same but none of them functions as what the name conjures?

Elias Eliadis

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