Preparing For the Race War? I Want to Help You

We only ever hear news of “the imminent race war” coming from one quarter of society, who self-righteously prepare for it amongst their unreasonable bucket list items; a very interesting note since it is from the quarter that has already benefited from a system of oppression based on race.

This is not all privileged people. It is those people who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that they are beneficiaries of inequality. As someone stated a while ago, privilege does not mean you do not work hard at all. It simply means that there were systems in place that pushed to ensure the success of one above another based on race.

After recently speaking to a white friend who was talking to me about her fears of the coming race war, I flat-out laughed in her face and asked her what Apartheid was? She said it was a system. I kindly pointed out to her that war can be of the world variety, or that of the cold variety. Either way, it is war which can be described as a condition of belligerency to be maintained by physical force.

To quote a race war as some inevitable consequence in the fight for equality by people of colour and sympathisers is the height of privilege, especially seeing as there have been race wars waged against people of colour for hundreds of years, the consequences of which remain fiercely protected to date.

Slavery was a race war; Apartheid was a race war, the Holocaust a race war; what is happening in some private companies in South Africa is a race war, as were colonialism and imperialism wherever they occurred. The only reason deniers of racism give their perceived struggle that moniker is because they believe that people of colour, if allowed to acknowledge their struggle, would be allowed to commit — or be forgiven for committing — the same atrocities levelled at them and their ancestors. Racists only give that term now because the world is trying to achieve equality and they are pushing back because when you are used to being pushed ahead, equality feels like oppression.

So, on behalf of all sane South Africans of all races; may I request that those preparing for the Race War kindly leave South Africa and indulge in their paranoia elsewhere? The rest of us have a country to build.

You’re welcome.

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