How to Encourage Diversity in Tech

In the past year, a few dozen companies decided to break their silences regarding data transparency and release information on their diversity demographics. While this is a great first step, companies such as Facebook realize that a lot more needs to be done when it comes to bringing more women and people of color into tech. This article will reveal 5 things that companies can do to make technology more diverse.

  1. Accountability From the Top Down
    Being accountable means doing more than just talking. The higher ups in the tech industry should do things such as fund and support diversity efforts, make appearances at diversity events, and put in accountability metrics for CEOs, managers and executives. When these things are measured, it becomes more likely that they will get done.
  2. Change Company Culture for the Better
    A lot of the problems surrounding diversity in tech has been credited to the pipeline through which talent is discovered. However, if we put all of the focus on the pipeline, many companies will not take it upon themselves to do the research needed to change their own company culture for the better. One reason why this is so important is that the culture of many tech firms is a large part of the reason why more women and people of color don’t go into tech.
  3. Measure It
    Tech companies should treat the recruitment of more women and people of color as they would any other issue in business. They should take the following five measures when looking at their plans for making their corporate environment more diverse:
  • Set attainable goals
  • Make a plan for reaching those goals
  • Put ample resources into these goals
  • Measure progress
  • Consider putting diversity data in the company’s annual report

4. Help Managers Reduce Their Unconscious Biases
According to one study, over 2 million people leave their jobs every year due to unfair treatment related to unconscious biases. Managers have such a large part in shaping the daily experience of their employees, so helping them with any unconscious biases they may have can foster a welcoming corporate environment.

5. Develop Diverse Talent

Sponsoring women and people of color can ensure that their work gets seen by the right eyes. Sponsorships can also help people in underrepresented groups navigate the networks of the tech industry.

Elie Hirschfeld is a real estate developer from NYC.

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