The New Year

A poem for Susan Alexandra on her birthday, days after the US election, November 2016.

Welcome to the new year.
This is the year that everything becomes something;
When the gossamer strands of experience become cloth and we use it to warm ourselves, to warm each other,
light, silver, cloth.

This is the year we create a vocabulary to pronounce the abstract, a caress to touch the ineffable, a depth of field to glimpse what cannot be seen.

The year that faith becomes reflexive, the year that we devolve from cynicism and the year we’re never jaded enough to be unsurprised by the easy eloquence of good luck.

In this year, we turn kindness into the materials of infrastructure and use this softer steel to build a new metropolis where democracy is a heartbeat that pulses from our skyscrapers and our courtrooms and our bedrooms and our bodegas, and the blood in that pulse is love,
 unanimous, unconditional.

And under this new order, you are victorious, so we are all victorious.

Welcome to the new year.

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