Day 35 — Break the Magic Mirror

FROM MY CLOSET Day 35 — Snow White

In the debate between Snow White and Cinderella, I always went with Cinder as a child; mainly because I liked her dress more.

Monday, I wore Snow White’s dress. Well, it was a blue marine top/sweater with a yellow skirt but a copy of what the jet haired princess wore in the Disney animation.

It was strange. It was strange lifting that skirt everytime I wanted to walk not to trip and rip it. It was not very practical but it did somehow link me to the character.

I went on that day to the premiere of a movie; red carpet, local celebrities, photographers, TVs, — a totally new environment, which made me feel strange wearing a wig and a red ribbon with a short red cape and a yellow converse. Everyone else was in red carpet couture. I felt strange but it was pleasant.

I crunched the apple and went to the event knowing that it won’t be easy. I was lucky as my apple wasn’t poisonous. I didn’t need a Prince Charming to save me from the awkwardness during that night. I had myself to rely on and revive myself from any situation with my own voice.

That’s all it takes really; just speak up! You will break the appearances mirror with your voice.

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