Day 109 — Happy Fathers Day

FROM MY CLOSET Day 109 — My Dad

So as I mentioned earlier in the post, finding a character to do on Fathers Day wasn’t easy. I kept asking around and when I was on the track to get this idea, I asked my friends and one of them replied with the name of her father, which confirmed it.

On Fathers Day, I would be my own dad. So yeah, this is going to be an extremely personal entry, something I don’t usually know how to do, something I probably got from my dad! lol.

So most of my stories about my dad is him jumping after me having done something completely clumsy to just pick me up.
I once tripped of an edge, fell flat on my face and my dad jumped from a floor above to pick me up. 
I was once trying to get into an inflatable boat, fell under it, and the current swept me under a big boat and my dad jumped into the water fully clothed, to pick me up. 
I once tripped on a water tube in front of the house and my dad jumped off the stairs and ran to pick me up…

You get the big picture, I’m clumsy and he always jumps to pick me up.

So thank you dad, for all the times you jumped, ran, swam, worked hard for my siblings and I to have the life we have today. And although we have our differences about many many things, I know you will always jump and pick me up and I hope to be able to be there for you if you ever need me to jump and pick you up.