Day 110 — I’m Just a Panda


“Okay, okay, forget the masks. No masks.”

Ironic. I’m wearing a ton of make up considered as a mask, but the quote is to forget the masks.

This has been basically the point of this entire project. 
I have been wearing costumes and masks to prove that it’s okay for each one of us to be themselves, to take off their mask.

During the day I’ve heard many comments like “chou merte7a ma3 7ala” which means “How comfortable is she in her skin” and I got weirded out looks and sometimes what I was saying was completely ignored because of what I had on my face. With the good and the bad, I’m still me underneath all of the make up and weird layers of clothes. I ended up being heard after explaining what I’m doing. After people accepted what I was doing. But for me, it wasn’t a necessity to be accepted because in reality, I was indeed comfortable with the way I looked.

We go around our lives sometimes hiding who we are behind a face that a majority of people would like just to be approved by society so we don’t become left out. Yet for many of us, this has become a problem and changed our identity and who we are, as we sometimes transform into the mask we forced ourselves to put on.

All you need to be not only accepted but appreciate is yourself, your true self. Remove that mask and flaunt the diamond in the rough that you are without the layers of polishing that made you what society likes.

Just like Po who was never believed to be the true Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda until he believed in himself, his true self; believe in yourself. Express who you are, discarding the mask forced on you by a judgmental society.