Day 31–32 — Fight

FROM MY CLOSET Day 31–32 Samurai Jack and Rocky Balboa

“You are my inner demon. You have been born from the hatred within me. But now, the hatred is no more. Thus, you do not exist.” Samurai Jack

“Don’t it say something about going after what makes you happy?” Rocky Balboa

Two days together; Samurai Jack and Rocky Balboa. The two characters are both fighters in some way. Samurai Jack fights evil and wants to defeat Aku and Rocky fights in a ring to defeat an opponent. They are both pursuing something, mainly happiness.

We all want to be happy and consider that goal to be our main purpose in life. It’s the perfect answer: “What do you want to be in life?” Happy.

Happy in our job, happy with our family, happy with our friends, happy travelers, happy singers, etc. We all want it and yet if you ask anyone, they would probably say that they aren’t happy.

Happiness shouldn’t be a goal in life. It sounds so perfect but I think that we should live happily and not just aspire to be happy. Taking charge of the moment we’re in, living it, and not just using it for later purposes. If you wake up, smile, and think “today, I’m going to be happy,” it basically does half the job.

We’re always worrying ourselves with everything. We worry about traffic, about work, about problems we’re having, about problems we may have in the future. Although it’s a form of defense mechanism, it is capable of paralyzing us. Sometimes one thought can ruin your entire day and just leave you feeling useless and stressing even more.

The worrying we sometimes feel is born from within and like Samurai Jack, we need to fight our inner demons to be able to reach the constant state of happiness Rocky dreamed about..