Day 43 — Once Upon A Time

FROM MY CLOSET Day 43 — Lagertha Lothbrok

For those who don’t watch Vikings, Lagertha is the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, who’s kind of the king of the area. They are both adventurous and lead their people towards big things. Lagertha is a fierce shield maiden who fights alongside the men of her clan, protects her children, and lives how she deems right most of the time; Basically like any 21st century woman.

“Our whole lives are just stories.” Lagertha’s quote is something I have lived by and will continue to do so. Eventually if you think about it, our entire existence could be reduced to a few lines based on the accomplishments or successes we did throughout our lives. Successes and accomplishments we see as fulfilling.

I had a conversation with a friend recently about the state that would lead humanity to perfection. He thought a mechanical way of living to advance humanity would be optimal but I thought that maybe for some people, the opposite is what they dream of. Not all people want the fame and the money and not all people want to live in a cottage somewhere with no worry in the world.

“Our whole lives are just stories.” Who writes these stories is what matters. As we go by our daily endeavors we are faced with many decisions that would eventually decide which path our lives would take. These decisions are usually influenced by what we learned, what we believe in, who we trust, and whose opinions we rely on.

The key factor in writing the stories of our lives is for us to be the authors. As simple as this may seem. I think sometimes we take that for granted and allow others to guide our decisions and by so, our lives.

Like Lagertha, you should be able to write your own story and be responsible for the decisions you make. She didn’t follow the rules all the time, she did what she felt was right and dealt with the consequences; both positive and negative.

Be you and let your life tell your story and what you feel is right for you.

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