Day 7 — I Got Hit On While Being Abu


Yepp! It happened, and also verbally harassed with expressions like “Jamelo” (Your beauty) while driving, but I laughed.

Abu got a very eventful and relatively funny day. I wondered along looking like a monkey and got a couple of laughs, a couple of really weirded-out looks that translated to “Why the F do you look like that?!”

I went to work, university, a gas station, a shop where we buy most of our snacks at work, a coffee shop, and ended up at a friend’s house.

What I came to realize while driving and walking around these past few days and especially today is that people judge or comment silently with their eyes. I noticed the expressions on their faces as I was maintaining eye contact with some who got somewhat disgusted with how I looked.

Not many people asked me why I was dressed the way I was and why did I have such bizarre make up. They just resorted to looking and making facial expressions, or just interrupting conversation to stare.

Others, however, stopped to question my looks.

Abu is a monkey thief who’s obsessed with shiny things. Much like many of us. We look at the outer shell of something and judge its value rather than digging a bit deeper and questioning its nature.

For all the people who stopped to ask, thank you! Thank you for not being interested in shallow shells and appearances.

Making Off With The One and Only Marc
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