Day 73 — I am Jane and I am Weird

Jane Porter or Jane from Tarzan was today’s character of choice. I hadn’t thought about Jane earlier and it was a bit confusing as many people remember Jane with the yellow dress similar to that of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I chose her other — more casual attire, which is very easily put together; green skirt (I wore a dress), a yellow T-Shirt and I added brown moccasins not to spend the day barefoot.

I got the usual few weird looks but not as many as I was on the road, at work when new people passed by the office and eventually at night when I went out. The comment that stood out the most today was “انت كتير غريبة” which translates to “You’re very weird.” It came from someone who didn’t know me at all nor knew why I looked a bit odd but I unconsciously found myself responding with “Yes, I probably am” to later think about what I had said. (Yes it should be the other way around I know)

So I’m weird but so what!? We all have a weird aspect or a habit or a quality that we sometimes feel we might be judged on and worry about revealing.

Jane found Tarzan to be the strangest human being at the beginning and despite the many unusual things he did and the many improper behaviours, she did not judge him nor thought him as a lesser human and we’re talking about a man who was raised by animals and lived in a jungle all his life.

We are all weird in some way and even if you think you’re the weirdest or the most awkward combination of atoms, the person sitting across the table from you is probably thinking the same way you are and having some sort of internal conversation with themselves to try and appear the most normal possible. Being yourself and accepting others as they are allows us as humans to express our uniqueness and individuality and specialness and whatever you want to call it. No one should fear what others might think of their qwirk or oddity but rather embrace it, make the most of it and accept others for their own.

Today, I was Jane and I was weird.

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