Day 83 — A Simple No Would Do

FROM MY CLOSET Day 83 — Bob the Minion

On Mondays I usually choose a fast costume and although I had something a bit more complex in mind, I was too late to even try to put it together.

Bob the Minion requires a yellow T-Shirt, a blue overall, black shoes, black gloves, the glasses of course and Bob’s signature Teddy Bear.

The quote I chose is by far the shortest — falling just behind the quote by the mime, which was silence, ☻ and not only because minions don’t say much other than the word banana or giberish but also because it’s important to know how to say “NO!” sometimes. Just no, no explanations required.

A lot of people I know have a problem saying no and always feel like they have to say yes to everything just to be easy-going, go-with-the-flow and avoid conflict or simply because they’re nice.

Saying No sometimes, to things that are peripheral to your life, is much more beneficial than agreeing to do everything asked of you that might uselessly waste your time and energy.

Saying No comes at different levels, whether on the personal level or at a bigger level as a group. Refusing oppression, refusing injustice, refusing to be part of a social/political/religious/etc group just to belong as opposed to standing for what’s right.

It takes a lot of courage to say No and stand for what’s right for you and what you think is right in general.

As for today, Bob got lots of laughs and a radio debut for FROM MY CLOSET. I will be joining Zaina on The Drive on Virgin Radio Lebanon everyday at 3 to talk about the costumes 😁.

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