Day 9 — Why Wait?

FROM MY CLOSET Day 9- Morticia Addams

“What a dark and dreadful morning, I love it!”

There was always something very appealing about the dark mood of The Addams Family. I used to (and still) love the show with the weirdness and eccentricities it presented.

Mystery and the darkness that surrounds something are attractive, they’re what makes the unknown interesting and marvelous.

In an age where every question has an instantaneous answer, we always think “why wait?” We always want the information on the spot and have no patience to wait for its slow unraveling.

Every question we have, we Google. 
Every person that interests us, we Facebook and Instagram them.
Every place we want to visit, we check it entirely and see everything there is to see before going.

Morticia Addams

We’re always in rush to know things and people and places to the extent that when we’re actually having a conversation with someone new, we lose interest because we already know everything. 
When we’re visiting a new place, we think it ordinary because we already saw it online.

We are not stunned by the beauty of something new,
We do not feel amazement about anything anymore,
We’re not intrigued by something someone might say nor the stories they have to tell,
Because, we already know them…

In times where everything is fast, instantly reachable, and tasteless, we should stop sometimes and just wait and enjoy the suspense of it or it will lose its value.