You don’t really believe it, if you don’t act on it.

Pro(ductivity) Tip #1

“Knowledge is justified true belief”

Knowledge is more than just information. Knowledge is information that we believe in and act on. Knowledge has been tested in real world conditions proving itself to be valid. Information on the other hand is just a random collection of data points that we may or may not implement. We are uncertain of its validity and therefore are hesitant to act on upon it.

When we are encouraging people to learn new ways of being we have to help them validate new information. It is critical to help people find opportunities to test ideas in live environments. This helps lay the foundation for greater levels of justified belief.

A few ideas here:

  • Demonstrate what the new information looks like when implemented. It is easier to step into the unknown when you have a general idea of what the unknown looks like.
  • Provide people opportunities to test new information in simulated situations first. Provide people training wheels so they are comfortable acting upon new information. This will help them develop the confidence necessary for the real thing.
  • Encourage people to talk about their successful experiences implementing the new information. Reflection is the key to learning and the creation of knowledge.
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