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Expert Learning Session for Slatecubers

Remember that 2013 ASUU Strike? If we were told it’d last for 6 months, most of us would have deemed it to be some sorta prank. Well, it was as real as daybreak — 24 bloody weeks of zero academic work.

Now, as if to repeat history, after more than a week it started, the ASUU Strike still persists, keeping thousands of Nigerian undergraduates doing nothing. Different posts of the affected students on the social media show how worried they are about the situation and how some keep hoping to get back to school soon.

But there is an old adage saying “There are no problems — only opportunities.” Anyone wanting great success in life must believe that every problem is an opportunity in disguise. It is not a surprise that some of the prominent Nigerian startup founders and some other individuals have the preceding ASUU strikes to thank for their success.

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