36 things it’s totally cool to do after you finished your degree

Everyone (or almost everyone) after they graduate, feel like life should be figured out. Everyone else LOOOVES giving you their opinions on what is a ‘right’ thing to do and where you should be heading.

Here I wrote 36 things that are totally ‘right’ to do if they are right for YOU:

  1. Freak out about being employed and enrol into Postgrad
  2. Freak out about being unemployed and enrol into Postgrad
  3. Take a month break to just do you
  4. Start working a week after you left University
  5. Pack your bags and go travel for a year, or two, or five
  6. Move out and leave society by growing your own veges and riding a bike
  7. Propose to your partner and have 100s of babies
  8. Go into party mode and stay there for as long as you can afford it
  9. Get neck deep into more learning
  10. Quit everything and become self-employed by selling No-It’s-not-a-pyramid-skim products
  11. Become a gym junkie and abandon your Accounting degree to be a personal trainer
  12. Buy an old van covered in graffiti and embrace full-on hippie life
  13. Shave your head and leave for Tibet
  14. Go to Vegas and win a million in a casino
  15. Go to Vegas and lose your last $578
  16. Sit at home for three month convincing everyone that you are looking for job while you are secretly knitting 9 hours a day
  17. Adopt 5 cats
  18. Apply for 106 jobs with an exceptional CV and rehearsed interview answers and get 98 job offers. Decline all of them
  19. Throw your certificate outside of the window and start your own business
  20. Leave to Germany and become an environmental activist
  21. Decide that you want to do teaching instead and enrol into a new degree
  22. Finally open up a little Etsy store selling knitted hats you have been making
  23. Learn how to code over summer and land a job in the Bay Area
  24. or Wellington
  25. Go to Police school
  26. Move in with your parents and help them around the house in exchange for the ability to bum around and not work
  27. Buy a one-way ticket to Japan
  28. Go deep into Tinder and marry someone in 3 months
  29. Go deep into Tinder and save your money by going on dates every evening and making another person pay for it
  30. Become a volunteer at Red Cross and St John’s and Salvation Army
  31. Get into ballet. Who said that 23 is too late to become a professional dancer?
  32. Take your guitar and travel around by securing gigs at local bars
  33. Learn how to do kick-ass nails and open up a little salon in your house
  34. Start writing your own blog and assume (read: ‘hope’) that someone will get inspired
  35. Write out a list of things that you think will make you truly happy and try each and every one of them until you find your next ‘life-calling’
  36. Leave everything and everyone better than you found them ;)
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