How do you fall in love?

Sometimes love doesn’t make sense. No, who am I kidding? Love pretty much never makes sense. If it does, we usually question whether it is truly love. Love is illogical, comes out of nowhere, leaves just like that and is a number one reason that makes people incredibly happy and sad.

Nothing new said here.

What I have been thinking recently is how do different people experience love? Do animals fall in love too? Or is it just our exclusive privelege to be forever happy and heart broken at the same time?

If you think about survival advantages, love both does and doesn’t make sense. It is both a survival instinct that allows genes to be passed on and a reason to kill and die.

Do you remember your first love? And your last one? What about all in between? Some people have a pattern and fall in love with very similar people experiencing very similar feelings.

I never fell in love twice the same way. Teenage-hormone-based-together-forever love, walking-past-the-same-boy-at-school-every-day love, slowly-growing love, breaking-bones-head-over-the-heels love, kind-warm-very-logical love.

We all fall in love so differently. Does love wear off with time? Does it seem less important when you age? Do 70 year olds fall in love just as madly as 20 year olds do? Do they fall out of love just as easily?

Love seems to be one of the most important feelings that bonds every human being together. Even the most hateful people love somebody.

Why some people focus on love so much and others have it play in the background quietly? Do love songs bring out all the sadness and euphoria in everyone equally?

Maybe if I read this 10 years from now I will be able to clarify some of these questions.. maybe I will have more.

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