Kiwi Foo ’17 Conference: lessons learned

150 people, two days, no agenda, Kiwi Foo Camp is a private gathering of people who are building the future.

I was lucky enough to be recommended and invited to attend an amazing unconference where wonderful minds gather over the weekend, build their own schedule, discuss hot and timeless topics, play Werewolf and get inspired.

One of three ‘great’ photos I took at KiwiFoo

Kiwi Foo camp ended yesterday and I am all swamped by the charming haze of inspiration and admiration.

Recently I found myself being super passionate about helping people get inspired. At least once a day I hear things like: ‘When is Friday going to come?’, ‘I need my cup of coffee to even understand what day it is today’, ‘I don’t like my job but the money is good, so…’.

Recognise yourself?

It is ironic that people who need inspiration the most never attend conferences like that and are never invited (for obvious reasons). I truly believe that it is the duty of people who are passionate about a cause to make at least one other person a bit more passionate about, well, life.

Ok, went on a tangent there. Let me tell you some incredible things I learned/ heard at KiwiFoo that will hopefully inspire you too.

  1. How amazing is tech industry?! I am sure I will write about it way more later on but I just wanted to mention it here. People of all ages in tech fields are the most forward looking, progressive and ‘outside-of-the-box’ kind of people. Awesome part: most of them are self-taught so gear up, you have no excuse.
  2. There is such a thing as theoretical biology. It is super rare to find a job in it but these people work from the beach, think and write about Theory of Form and Kantianism. Not a fan of evolution and religion based theory of creation? Then look up some theoretical biology stuff.
  3. Remember an episode of House where a patient in coma was given a computer and he could communicate through making an arrow go up and down on the screen? Well, get prepared to be mindblown because we are well pass that stage! Thought-wired is making it possible to communicate with the power of your mind! I got to control a robotic car just by focusing on it. Say What? UoA is also involved in developing a full blown robotic system that can be controlled by disabled people. They showed a video of a guy shaking hands with a mind controlled arm!
  4. If you want to get an awesome game that will teach you different approach to empathy, get Tea and Empathy cards and check Kate’s amazing page here — had some great conversations with her so awesome content guaranteed!
  5. Left winged liberality is what you get surrounded with when you attend this sort of conference.
  6. Psychodelic drugs? Apparently everyone should try it at least once (if you have no problems with your mental state, of course). Got major FOMO when talking to the ‘experienced’ bunch.
  7. Polyamory is acceptable. And practised. Successfully practised. By many. Yes. Was recommended to read Ethical Slut and More Than Two.
  8. People aren’t prepared to get ready for an ‘apocalypse’ whether it is economical, social or disaster driven. Great written summary of what Roger spoke about at KiwiFoo.
  9. Playing Mafia (or Werewolf) is so much more fun with inspiring people. You get to argue and laugh when you are ‘alive’ and talk science/tech/progress when you are ‘dead’.
I am telling myself that that’s how we all looked — sophisticaed and a bit tipsy

Didn’t want to make it a 10-point list so here are 9 things but I learned so much more (come over to mine and let’s chat!)

By concentrating on inspiring and helping others, you are guaranteed to succeed and grow. If you think it is hard to get out of your ‘average’ self, well it fucking is. The difference is the mindset. If you are scared and worried of the challenges, add ‘exciting’ to your list and suddenly it becomes…well…exciting!

“Acceptance and true freedom comes when you start unlearning all that shit we get marinated in your whole life.” One of my favourite quotes from the conference.
New Girl gif because I love New Girl gifs and you should too.
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