The battle of opinions or the lack thereof

I follow a couple of really cool bloggers who talk about body image dilemma, things in Kazakhstan (my home country) that need to be improved and many more important issues. I have always appreciated the outspoken, true and honest people who aren’t afraid to tell thing how they are, lay the cards on the table.

However, recently I started noticing more and more of these bloggers who are followed by 1000s of others voice their very strong opinions on matters deeply personal like not having kids, getting tattoos or even being gay.

At first, I was upset and even ashamed for admiring people who are totally OK with telling all of their following that tattoos are for mentally sick and choosing not to have kids is the most selfish and idiotic act.

Trying to analyse it, I came up to a very shocking (not) revelation that, well, everyone has their own opinions and no two people will agree on absolutely everything. My problem was: Should you advocate and be so proud of something you potentially shouldn’t even have such negative opinions about?

On the other hand, there are people (and I know a couple) who constantly worry about what others think and seem to swallow and negate their own voices just for the sake of “not being weird and odd”.

When I see and hear both kinds of people I feel a bit sad. The first bunch holds such negative emotions about a particular issue that they actively go out there and pretty much preach hatred.

The other bunch feels so insecure in their own opinion and put so much value in others’ that they are very often act as if “everyone is watching”. They constantly talk about how someone shouldn’t do something because it is not ‘normal’ and ‘what would others think?’. But most importantly, they put these inhibitions on themselves.

But then, this is my opinion, right? So maybe me voicing it is sort of hating on people who hate?

I guess my take-away message is: Why can’t we all just be kinder to one another and to ourselves? It must be exhausting to always find flaws in someone including yourself. Wear a short skit, weird baggy pants, study Art, have sex with that fuckboy, be gay, have tattoos, have kids, don’t have kids. Just love yourself and accept that in others. Peace.

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