The Eternal Debate: City Vs. Country, Where Should You live

Living in the city has its merits, but living in the country does too. So, which should you choose?

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly as it will reflect on your lifestyle and ultimately your happiness. You need to look into the future as well. Think about your family and how to build a place where everyone can be happy.

Pros and Cons of Living in the Country

The biggest advantage of living in the countryside is the freedom you get from having your own space. Depending on how remote your location is, you can forget about any neighbor-related issues.

Of course, there are always some cultural issues to consider, because the country life differs based on the country itself. However, the ultimate pros and cons of this lifestyle remain the same. It’s like with rooster dialects, no matter whether you say ‘cocorico’ or ‘kukuricu’, the sound itself stays unchanged.

The land means you can enjoy having as many pets as you want, and you get an opportunity to provide your family with fantastic outdoor facilities for both exercising and having fun. You can also improve and add rooms to your home easily.

Another great advantage is that income inequality is less significant in the country. This could be a huge help for children who can be ostracized and bullied in school for coming out of a poorer neighborhood.

Living in the country also makes you less reliant on public service in general, you aren’t tied to the transport and can have your own generators and water pumps to sustain your household in case of any emergency.

On the other hand, this distance between your household and the community can be detrimental. You’ll have to wait quite a while for an ambulance or police to arrive. You may also experience communication problems if your energy supply fails or any other emergency occurs.

Kids may not enjoy living in the country because they are too far away from their friends. The quality of schools in the region is another important consideration, especially if you have children with special needs.

Country Life Pros:

· Cheap

· Self-sufficient

· Better income equality

· Space

· Less reliance on public systems

· Safety

Country Live Cons:

· Waiting time for emergency services

· Risk of equipment failure

· Boredom

· Limited selection of schools

Pros and Cons of Living in the City

While country life is quiet, living in the city never is. Noise can be a problem, but many people come to enjoy it because it signifies that you are always in the thick of things. City life is never dull as you have easy access to lots of entertainment (clubs, restaurants, theaters, expos, etc.)

Living downtown also allows you an easy commute to work and offers greater employment opportunities. This can be especially important for startup businesses that need to build up their client base fast.

Big cities also offer great schools and you can take a pick of several options for your children. It’s the same for any kind of class, club, hobby group, etc. Being close to hospitals is another important advantage. In the city, you can be sure that an ambulance will be at your place in a few minutes, just like any other emergency service.

However, if you live in an apartment, you have to deal with the neighbors who may be noisy and cause other problems. The crime rate is much higher in the cities, and the overall cost of living is higher. Don’ forget about the environmental and noise pollution, especially if you have a family and young children.

City Life Pros:

· Multiple business and entertainment opportunities

· Easy access to any service

· Lots of people around

· Proximity to good schools

City Life Cons:

· Noise

· Expenses

· Pollution

· Reliance on public systems

· Neighbors

· High crime rate

Country Vs. City: Which to Choose?

You can enjoy living in both the country and the city. The former gives you space and freedom, while the latter offers great opportunities for business and entertainment. Consider the pros and cons of every option and follow your heart. Build a home in the place that makes you truly happy.

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