The world doesn’t owe me anything and that’s okay.

I keep being told that I deserve better, that I should hold out for the best.

But I don’t deserve the best. I just deserve love. And love comes from everywhere, starting within.

Love from within is about accepting and forgiving myself, not being perfect. Because I can be sweet when I’ve slept well and agitated when I don’t get what I want, honest when it’s about my feelings and a liar when it’s about my feelings, beautiful at dinner, messy in the morning, complicated when it comes to jealousy and simple when it comes to traveling. Excited when it comes to the unknown and bored when it comes to routine.

When I thought I finally knew myself, I realized I only knew the chorus.

After thinking I had my shit figured out, life humbled me in its both subtle and painful ways. Life surprised me with a failure bigger than my ego. When I thought I was at rock bottom, life then gave me strength I didn’t know was possible. My verses are the columniation of my reactions to various experiences, both good and bad.

I am grateful. A heart that knows disappointment is a heart that appreciates joy. I am kinder. My pain became a reason to be more attentive to the pains of others. I do my best to project positivity, to spread warmth and love.

I don’t deserve better, and I should not hold out for the best. Because in doing so, I close up myself to growth and self-discovery.

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