Talking about Love

Recently I decided to do some research on my big question, “Is true love worth the wait?” While scrolling through YouTube I came across a ted talk by Mandy Len Catron. The title of her talk was “A better way to talk about love” and it immediately drew me in. I remember being very curious about what speaking about love has to do with falling in love. I found that I really liked how Catron used her own personal experience of falling in love in her talk. She discussed the emotions and thoughts that came with falling in love for the first time and I felt that was a relatable experience for her audience. I also like how she defined common words associated with love and compared and contrasted them based on their definitions. She basically took the stereotypical love words and replaced them with more meaningful and appropriate ones. It was through that process that I had a better understanding of the point she was trying to make and was able to relate it to my “big question”.

One of the main points Catron makes is that people have these high expectations when it comes to love, mostly because of the way that people talk about love, and the words they use to describe it. I realized that in today’ s society that is a very true statement. People are constantly comparing their love stories to their surrounding peers. The truth is that everyone in this world has their own love story and it will be unique to them because there are no two love stories alike. Now I am aware that my big question has to do with waiting for true love but I felt that discussing love has a lot to do with waiting. Love has no boundaries and no rules and therefore one should not be afraid to wait for love if they genuinely believe it is worth it. Only they know deep down in their hearts if that person or possibility is worth the wait. The only reason it might not be, is if people continue to believe that they are not capable of writing their own love story and living it out. People do not think they deserve a happy ending because most of the time that fairy tale ending is not the same for every person. Some people have to wait and others do not, some find love easily and others spend their whole lives searching, some relationships will last a lifetime and others will be short lived. However, one thing is certain and that is that at the appropriate time in a person’s life love will be found. So, my message to all the people out there who are contemplating if true love is worth the wait, is to have a little faith and a whole lot of patience.


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