Elite Whole Life Challenge

Dr. Kelsey Brown of The Vine Family Chiropractic

Winner of The Elite Whole Challenge!

The #EliteFam worked their butts off literally during the Elite Whole Life Challenge. We had two winners. Last week we show cased Morgan Knecht’s Whole Life Journey in her own words. This week we hear from Kelsey Brown On how the Whole Challenge affected her.

During the Elite Whole Life Challenge I lost 10 pounds. So what, you may say. I hear and see the resentment. The judgement from others when I talk about going to the gym.The countless post about my meals, and seem obnoxious about wellness. Even the eye rolls from my husband for my constant flexing. I get the looks when I ask what is in the sauce, and if it’s gluten free. That annoyed look when I ask for no cheese. I get it, I have rolled my eyes when the skinny chick checked into the gym AGAIN. Weren’t you just there? She eats pizza and looks like that!I have for sure been that person, but now I don’t want to just lose weight.There are many more things that I have gained besides the pounds that I have lost. One of the biggest I would have to say is a new perspective.

I opened my own practice in 2014 in the middle of post-partum depression without knowing it. I was over stressed, empty inside,and depressed. To add insult to injury i was about 25 pounds overweight with chronic digestive issues and recurring skin infections. With all of my own struggles I was busy trying to fix other people. I wanted to do more, I wanted to get better, I wanted to do better, and a long slow process has got me to where I am now. I Have lost and gained back many pounds, but this challenge has changed my whole outlook

I pour my heart and soul out for my patients, and when I do not take care of myself I can easily become jaded and upset with my self for feeling empty and, in pain from the overwork, and angry for the pour outlook on my future. You cannot pour from an empty cup and I repeat this daily to my patients, but this last year I was faced with some very scary health issues with my husband so I learned this more than just preached it. I went to doctor mode and tried to fix him, but he taught me that people must to want to change. The only person I can control or change is myself, and with this challenge I went all out in my heart to challenge myself.

Kelsey Brown & Lucia Murray

One thing that I have for sure gained are crazies to do life with, friends that encourage, women to support me, and trainers that tell me to push that weight with the rage I have against life and its struggles. I have gained confidence in myself, I have a big personality to cover the scared little girl that wants everyone’s approval. I gained dedication to a dream, I gained the knowledge that I have more work to do. I know that consistency is more important than going HAM a couple times a week. I gained control on my weight and body image issues, I love me some me! I no longer have gut issues, I no longer have skin flare ups, and I wore a bikini this summer with confidence! I have NEVER worn a bikini in my 32 years of life! I have gained control of an alcohol dependence, and being honest with myself that I had one. I gained the new thought that I am still fun sober even at the pool! I have gained my husband following in my footsteps, I have gained my mom running sprints with me, I have never seen my mom run EVER! My life has changed, and I will never go back! This challenge has changed me, changed my family, and changed my life. I have the deepest love for this challenge, but even more love and gratitude for EFHQ, Mo, Eddie, Bradon, and Mitch. I especially have intense love and gratitude for my 5am chicks! Thank you each and everyone of you for believing in me these past 60 days, and last year.

Working for my Legacy — Dr. Kelsey Brown
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