Hip Mobility and Speed

In order to sprint, an athlete must have mobile hips so they can maximize their power output and therefore, run faster. “When you shoot a rubber band, the farther back you pull it, the more tension there is, and the farther it shoots. The greater your joint mobility, the greater your range of motion, and the more tension — and therefore power — you’ll be able to generate.” In order to increase the hip mobility of our athletes, we had them perform the hurdle hip mobilization drill. They first step over a low hurdle, or a bar like in the video, by flexing their hip flexor and driving their knee straight up and over the bar, while also keeping their foot dorsiflexed. They then step under a high hurdle, or bar, by driving their hips straight down, keep their chest as vertical as possible, and keeping tension in the hips by driving their knees outward. This is a great way to prepare your hips before any kind of sprint work.



Athletes perform frog stretch as another way to increase hip mobility.
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