Tim Kowaleski EFHQ Story

Tim Kowalewski

I wanted to send you an email that was a summation of the physical and mental benefits that Elite Fitness has produced in me since I started attending GPP classes in mid-August.

We have discussed my background as a former collegiate lacrosse player, competitive distance runner, Ironman 70.3 finisher and former men’s master men’s club lacrosse player.

From 1998–2013 I enjoyed the benefits of an active & competitive life; however, years of distance running, daily, monthly and yearly triathlon training/competitions & going back to compete in men’s club lacrosse literally worn down my body. In 2013, during a lacrosse game, I received a hit that herniated my L-5 disc. I tried all I could to heal it: anti inflammatory drugs/ “pushing through it,” PT, acupuncture, 2 years of yoga/Pilates…nothing worked. Needless to say, I was getting bored and frustrated!!

I had resolved myself to the fact, at age 38, that I could no longer run, jump, “throw weights around” or play my beloved sport of lacrosse: depression set in. That is until my daughter’s FC Dallas coach, Phil Powers, sent an email out, in July 2016, regarding a new “gym” that had a family like atmosphere and offered personal coaching with a strong touch of crossfit.

I initially was apprehensive about doing “crossfit” given how much nerve pain I had lived with for 3 years. After meeting w/ Mitch, Mo & Phil, I prayed about it and decided to give it a shot. Well, we are 3 months into and I feel like the 30 year old version of myself again: box jumping, deadlifting, cleaning,squating,thrusting, “Kiping,” & running…I even started bringing my 11 year old daughter!

What has been the greatest benefit of coming to EFHQ? It’s the ability to cross a mental barrier you had in your mind and coming to the self-realization that you are worthy of relative greatness and accomplishment. The next hurdle comes and you are able to apply the new found confidence recently attained and crush the next obstacle.

I have only been able to accomplish this with the personal attention, positive nature and expertise of the EFHQ staff: Eddie, Mitch, Mo, Phil & Brandon. I would also add that Art & Cynthia Flores have been tremendous in my personal growth @ EFHQ!!! They have taught me a great deal: thank you!

I am very grateful for the staff’s upbeat personality and ability to instill a “let’s get after it” attitude. Everyone “checks their egos @ the door;” thus, our environment it free from the weight of ego driven people, that put themselves above the group. We simply don’t have that: at least not in our GPP class!!!

Please feel free to share! I hope
My testimonial adds value to those who are in the fence about “pulling the trigger” on a commitment to this level of fitness! I would only say this: its completely worth it. It’s never, ever easy…but it will pay dividends for your mental & physical toughness!!

Let’s get after it!


Tim Kowalewski
GPP attendee