A 3 part solution for a fractured world

This is the story of a solution to solve a world full of problems. We all know the problems of war, disease, famine, poverty, homelessness, hunger, corruption, injustice, hate, evil, etc.

Part 1 is getting money out of politics. Americans are not stupid. Anyone with decent intelligence knows politians are bought and paid for so they represent the rich and powerful and not the people they are elected to represent. The question is what to do about it? Support wolf-pac.com for a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics. Along with Candidates who will do anything to get money out of politics. Let’s move beyond party lines and realize the one thing we all agree on. Corruption in politics is the cause of every other issue so let’s make that the number one priority when we support politicians for office. Want clean air to breathe? Want to not have natural disasters that are less severe than they are going to be? Then we must take back political power to the people so we can stop climate change for the better. It’s the only way to get the government to act. Other countries can get on board by working to take back power to the people and away from the dictators of this world.

Part 2 is supporting sustainable companies and products. Think child labor is wrong? Then don’t buy chocolate that a child was forced to get for slave wages just so you can save a dollar. Don’t like Monsanto suing farmers? Someone can try and grow organic but then they can get contaminated by the ignorant farmer next door growing GMO’s. Monsanto then comes in and sues them for growing their patented crop even though they never intended to do so in the first place. Then forcing the local farmer out of business. don’t like bee colony collapse? Then don’t support round up GMO corn or any GMO’s. We have been lied to that they are needed because they are not. Don’t like people dying because they work in a sweat shop with such poor working conditions they die from the building collapse? Those shirts got shipped to Wal-mart and people paid in blood to bring you those low prices. Then on top of that all the profits go to wealthy people who sit on it and pay politicians to do as they say and not the will of the people. Two systems exist, one of cheap products, cheap labor, low quality. Then there is the new economy that says I demand people get paid a fair wage, that they have the right to organize a union, that they have a right to a living wage to provide for their family. Support organic, fair trade, non GMO project, rain forest alliance, msc certified fish, wild caught, dolphin safe. These labels matter as they are an assurance the products we buy support a healthy environment and economy. Support your health and the health of the planet or support destruction, that is the choice we make with our buying decisions. Just don’t use money as your reason why you can’t do better. Because that junk food and soda you buy cost you extra money that you could have spent on something better for your health and the health of the planet and economy. I’d rather eat organic rice and beans with quinoa then save money by buying GMO’s.

Part 3 gets personal so I will speak the truth as I know it from my heart. You seek yourself with all your heart to discover the truth on your own. This is all about you. Yes you there reading this. It’s time to take some responsibility. It’s time to live a life that lives and not a life that destroys. It’s simple really. Just work on your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. What that means to you may not be what it means to me. I would say spiritual health puts God first. First off if you think we die and go nowhere then move on because your life is meaningless and has no more meaning than a fruitfly. If you somehow think we die and go to some nice garden or we are all Gods let me just tell you that your going to have a rude awakening when God separates you from his spirit and throws you in the lake of fire. If this offends you then you do not realize the truth and I pray you not let deception take a hold of you. Because really, ask anyone on this planet. Do you like to be deceived? Do you want to know the truth or rather believe a lie? Is ignorance really bliss? Nobody has it all figured out and God knows I certainly don’t. That’s why i’m on a quest to discover the truth. To find out what is hidden from view. Our health impacts who we are as people. Should we not desire to be the best we can? Do you desire to be good or evil. We are all a bit of both but Love, Hope, and Faith are the light of the good side. Displaying these is a sign of your loyalty. If you think your on the right track then challenge yourself to do even more. God wants all of you, not just some. Physical health is also important. Our body is a temple. Don’t ruin it with poor food and exercise choices. Either pay the farmer or pay the doctor. Good food increases not just life span, but intelligence, and youthfulness. That feeling of increasing in age but still vibrant. Healing disease, preventing horrors like cancer that nobody should have to face. Then comes your emotional health. Because you can have great knowledge but emotional intelligence is what defines the great people. Then finally mental health. What do you fill your mind with? What do you read. Have you been deceived for years by mainstream media? Have you seeked knowledge to increase your understanding? Do you spend time in Gods word to draw closer to him? What kind of music do you choose to listen to and what do the words encourage?

We all have a choice to make. With every word we speak, product and service we buy. How we spend our time. How we set an example for others. In every moment is a chance to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. God knows I’ve got to work on this list myself. Because the truth is as imperfect humans this is not about beating anyone down telling them they are not good enough. It’s about speaking the truth that we all have a part to play. We all falter and make mistakes. We all cause the problems of this world at times. The choice is how hard can you go for the solution. How far away can you make the problems be in your life. How can we as people make every moment about doing better? Striving harder, living better, loving more, being more than we are currently capable of. Repent and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Seek life because if you don’t, Death will come for you no matter how much you think you can avoid it.