Buying Bitcoin or Bitcoin Mining Investing: A Bear Market Comparison

  • Machines, real estate, hardware and other assets
  • Proprietary technology, such as immersion mining
  • Other aspects of the business, such as data center services revenue.
*This graphic is an example, depending on the specific company being compared the above comparison might be different. For example certain companies might only have a single revenue stream.

Self-mining Versus Investing in a Crypto Company

When talking about mining versus buying Bitcoin, there is also a difference between self-mining the Bitcoin or investing in an established Bitcoin mining company. When mining Bitcoin yourself, you will have to purchase the machines to mine, set up and maintain the machines, create the correct electrical infrastructure and pay the electricity costs. The end goal is to be rewarded with the Bitcoin that the machine is mining.

Why Elite Mining Inc

As also seen in this article, a bear market could provide interesting opportunities for investing in the crypto industry. Although there are several methods to invest in Bitcoin, investing in a Bitcoin mining company could offer great advantages, should the market recover, while potentially offering sustainability, flexibility and risk mitigation.

  1. EMI mines Bitcoin. As explained by this article, companies like ours could offer a potentially beneficial way to invest in Bitcoin.
  2. EMI is diversified. EMI not only mines Bitcoin, but we can also mine other cryptocurrencies. EMI hosts mining machines for partners and clients. EMI has a subsidiary called EMU that makes mobile units for mining and proprietary immersion mining pods. EMI is also ever-expanding and looking into new services and revenue streams.
  3. EMI uses proprietary immersion technology. This allows overclocking of machines and a long machine lifespan, which could significantly increase profit margins when Bitcoin prices go up (compared to regular air mining). Plus, we get longer machine lifespans, which enables longer mining operations.



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Elite Mining Inc

Elite Mining Inc

Elite Mining Inc, USA - Wyoming based, green cryptocurrency and immersion mining company!