How To Make Doors and Windows Winter-Ready?

If you failed to battle with draft doors or windows last winter, then get ready to do it this time by conquering those openings which sap the most amount of energy at home. But before you take any step, recognise the fact that there are only two solutions that you can choose from — repair and replacement. Both of them have been explained below in detail, have a look and decide which one is best for you:


Resolving cold weather issues can be quite cheap and easy in Sunshine Coast. There are a number of quick fixes that you can choose from, including weatherstripping, adding insulation and caulking. However, it is important to perform these repairs long before winter starts setting in.

  • Weatherstripping — It comes in a wide range of options, but some of them are better suited for particular applications. For example, the tension-seal or V-shaped weatherstripping is good for side channels of tight fitting doors and double-hung windows. Dandy gadgets known as pulley seals are used for preventing air from passing through the tiny holes where the cords disappear in the frames. A door bottom sweep may also be very effective against drafts entering through underneath the main entrance.
  • Insulating — If the space behind a door or window trim is accessible, you can add spray foam or batt insulation for preventing air infiltration. Do not stuff the batt insulation too tightly in spaces within the framing. That would hamper functionality of the product.
  • Caulking — Drafts can also be reduced by using a handful of caulk tubes. Before beginning with the task of caulking, scrape off and clean away any peeling paint or old caulk from the perimeter of the door or window. Now apply the caulk and create a continuous seal in the middle of the siding material and frame.


Sometimes, factors like rotten wood, seal failure, glass damage, poor installation etc., can be responsible for drafty doors and windows. In order to bring down the energy consumption levels, the best thing that you can do is get them replaced. For saving money, hire a reputed and professional doors and windows installer in Sunshine Coast who would be able to offer cost-effective services by assessing the living spaces of your home properly. Besides that, they must also help you in choosing colours and styles ideal to go with the existing decor and compile a replacement project which meets your planned budget.

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