What Are The Benefits of Having Security Screens?

Most people are aware of the fact that security screens are effective in deterring thieves and keeping unwanted intruders at bay. But there are many other benefits that these structural components can offer to homes. Read on to find out more.

Security screens are becoming more and more prevalent in houses across Coolum as well as the whole of Sunshine Coast. Besides the conspicuous benefit of providing security to a home, these structural additions have many other pros that one may not be aware of.

Let’s have a look at what security screens can do aside from keeping thieves and intruders at bay and providing additional safety to homes:

Adds Value

When people talk about safety doors, they possibly imagine them as big and ugly metallic barriers which are dense enough to withstand the impact of a racing SUV or charging rhinos. Although it is true that security screens in Coolum are extremely strong and durable, they are far from being ugly. Modern day safety doors are designed to appear as good as they perform. Available in many different styles and designs, they can also be chosen to match with the existing decor of a house. Thus, installing them can greatly aid in imparting kerb appeal as well as value to a property.

Saves Money

Some may be surprised to hear that installing security screens can help in saving money, but this fact is undoubtedly true. Almost half of the electricity bills in a year go in cooling or heating a property. Having security screens installed can enable one to open their front door during summer and allow fresh breeze to come in without compromising the safety. Likewise, during winter, the screen can be easily replaced with panels of glass. These would add an extra layer of insulation between the main door and the safety door, thereby reducing loss of heat and saving cooling expenses. Besides that, the security screen can even offer protection to the main door against the weather elements. As such, there would be no need for applying stain protectors to the front gate.

Increases Comfort

In addition to acting as a thief deterrent, security screens can also hike up the comfort level inside a house. They allow light to enter the home without letting any undesirable insects or intruders into the property. By flooding the interiors of the house with natural light, they provide the convenience and beauty of a window.

In order to know more about the benefits of installing a security screen in a property, one can get in touch with their local glazing service providing company in Coolum. There are many professional firms all throughout Sunshine Coast who would be more than glad to assist you with your various security screen requirements.

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