How do you become the victim of infertility?

For some couples it is difficult to get pregnant, sustain pregnancy and achieve a delivery while others achieve it quite easily and without any intended effort. If such questions always boggle in your mind then this article will definitely help you to understand the term fertility as well as infertility both in men and women.

Certainly the visiting couples in Infertility Clinic in Delhi have increased considerably over the period of time. It is simply because of the increasing cases of infertility in men and women. Infertility is the inability to conceive a child after more than one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Normally, during women reproductive age it is not difficult for them to conceive. Despite this if they are not able to get pregnant by all effort than it is the case of infertility and they are recommendable for IVF treatment in Delhi.

Though all the causes of infertility is not yet completely fathom out nevertheless some causes have been identified and it certainly help you to understand the reasons of infertility. To determine the symptoms of infertility the doctors will refer a full physical examination and detailed personal history of both you and your partner.

There could be many reasons for infertility in women such as:

· Menstrual irregularities are one of the reasons as well as the symptoms of it. Such problems are always neglected by our women at its beginning stage. Later on it is diagnosed as the early sign for infertility.

· Though obesity is not liked by anybody these days and it is also one of the major obstacles for your pregnancy.

· If you have endometriosis problem, polycysts, or uterine fibroid then it directly affects your ability to conceive.

· If your fallopian or uterus is damaged or blocked.

Infertility in men

Men would also likely to suffer from infertility if they are diagnosed by the following symptoms:

· When the quantity and the quality of sperm decrease to a certain level that it is not helpful enough to get pregnant.

· When there is problem in ejaculating.

· When they face erection problem.

· When there is a problem in the tubes carrying sperm.

· There could be a genetic problem as well.

· Chronic diabetic patients are also likely to hit by these diseases.

Apart from these too much smoking, overweight, doing a job that demand too much exposure in chemical or radiation, having received treatment like drug treatment, or went through surgery or radiotherapy also develop reasons for infertility. That is why regular exercise is recommended and addiction of smoking and drinking should be given up.

It is also a fact that fertility also goes down with the growing age both in men and women however it is not certain to which extent. Under such circumstances you are not done all the way. The door of IVF Treatment Clinic in Delhi is always open for you. IVF treatment can bring back your smile once again.