Easter Saturday spent together

A lazy morning, followed by a trip to Saint Arnold brewing company, Texas’ oldest craft brewery. We paid $10 entry fee per adult and got to keep our glass. We were given 4 tokens each to get 4 beers per token but we ended up using less than that as I am not a beer drinker. I did sample the raspberry beer and I must say, it wasn’t too bad. We ordered lunch and it was very good food. The burgers were not too oily and came with plenty of fresh, crisp salad. The veggie plate with the ranch dip was perfectly simple. Ken’s crawfish roll was pretty good but not compared to the other dishes. Crawfish is just another word for crayfish. The crawfish are often obtained from Louisiana apparently. There was a half an hour tour that we enjoyed. The tour leader was entertaining and explained a lot about the beer making process. It was very smelly in the manufacturing area. The brewery was in the middle of an industrial area so we decided to go to Discovery Green.

Discovery Green was abuzz with excitement— even our Uber driver had no idea why. There was an international festival on, complete with food trucks and dancers/singers on a stage. The kids enjoyed using some model boats in the man made water area. It was fun for them but quite hot in the sun. We certainly don’t burn as fast here though. We stayed there for quite awhile, just absorbing the atmosphere. We went for an early dinner to Brasil again and there was a gorgeous bull dog called Boo there. I think my kids are missing their dog a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed smothering Boo with attention. It was quite adorable. The day ended with me catching an Uber alone to buy makeup at MAC (so much cheaper than Australia). The female driver clarified that Houston is a safe city as she lives here with her four kids. She said she moved here from New York because it is better for them. It was nice to have Ken back with us for the weekend. Tomorrow will be Easter and I am looking forward to going to mass with the family. I will miss all of my friends and family back home but I will make the most of the opportunity to appreciate being here. Houston was not a city I ever expected to visit and, in some ways, that makes exploring it all the more fun.

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