H-town fun 10/4/17

So today the three of us set out around lunch time and headed to Potbelly for lunch. Simple multigrain sandwiches together with shakes were just what we felt like. Then we headed to the Health museum and this was a pot of gold. I didn’t think we could top the Children’s museum but this came pretty close. There was a laboratory for the kids to do experiments in but when I asked at the front desk they said it was only for 7 year olds or above. I explained that Justin would be 7 very soon so they allowed him to participate. It was amazing for me AND the kids. The kids were able to choose three experiments to do and they did the antimicrobial, DNA and cheek cell experiments. The antimicrobial one tested the effectiveness of soap, gel and detergent on a bacteria using UV light. The DNA experiment was performed on wheat germ and we were able to curl the DNA around a glass rod. Then the final cheek cell one allowed the kids to prepare a glass slide to put under the microscope using methylene blue to stain the cells. I was impressed as to the amount of exposure the kids had. They had a video guiding them step by step. Seeing the kids all dressed up in lab coat, safety glasses and gloves reminded me of my lab days.

It was a fun place to be in and I got to participate in all the stations. There were many brain teasers to try. I liked the huge heart model in the foyer. The kids could test their jumping ability and they could see their finger prints. There was a smelling station where you got to guess the scent. The cinnamon one was definitely my favourite. I liked this one particular station where you got to move and see how your muscles and bones would look as you did it. We had a bit of a laugh because if you squatted down it looked like you were flying. There was a massive model of an ear and there was also a screaming booth where you were able to test how many decibels you reached. I achieved the highest decibel even though Justin’s scream was the highest pitch. I liked watching the kids pedalling on the bicycle to make the skeleton behind them pedal at the same time. It was freaky but cute. I also liked watching the kids make faces from computer imagery.

We had a late dinner at Aladdin’s restaurant and that was tasty. It was served cafeteria style so you got to choose things as you went along the line. It was all very fresh and familiar Middle Eastern flavours. We only ordered three meals and even that was too much. When in the USA, one must always remember to halve the order. I thought it was hilarious today when the kids shared an oreo shake and when it was halved, it was the size of an Australian milkshake. Yet, in reviews, Potbelly shakes are known to be small in size. I know portions are generous but I imagine that wastage is a huge issue here. Tonight also included a pharmacy stop as I needed to get some pain relief for a headache. I was amazed at all of the different brands and I had no idea you would need a prescription for Voltaren. I noticed you could buy antibiotic cream just over the counter. I still love the fact that paracetamol is known as its chemical name, acetaminophen here. I actually enjoyed saying it. Must be the pharmacist in me :) . I am exhausted now so I am going to get some sleep. More fun tomorrow with the kids. I haven’t decided what to do yet but I think we might make a stop at Whole Foods — my favourite supermarket in the world.

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