Best Travel Vloggers of 2017

Are you craving some awesome travel videos? Are you looking to discover new travel YouTubers?

After immersing myself in the YouTube travel video universe for more than a year now, I figured it would be time to bring you my own list, of my all time favourite creators. Some big, some small — what matters is that their youtube channel has been making awesome videos for travel lovers to enjoy. I’m sure I’m forgetting some awesome ones, and will be adding my new discoveries here throughout the year: don’t hesitate to mention your favourites in the comments!

1. Kristen Sarah

Originally a blogger at Hopscotch the Globe, she now makes some awesome travel videos. Self-described as an “Adventure travel junkie”, it never gets boring.

She is currently building an airstream for new roadtrip adventures in 2017 — you don’t want to miss that!

2. Hey Nadine

A fellow Canadian with an awesome sense of humour that has been making travel videos for the longest time now. Her videos will uplift you and inspire you to go on an adventure. You’ll love her even more if you’re into nature and hiking.

3. Vagabrothers

The two wandering brothers are the best! They make great video capsules about cities they visit around the world, and always find the coolest activities to do everywhere.

4. Raya Was Here

Raya is the most positive and loving person out there — her videos will always make you dream. Currently dating Louis, she travels around the world with him and makes little montages of the best moments of their trips.

5. Fun For Louis

One of the oldest daily vloggers out there, Louis’s videos are always packed with crazy adventures. He never disappoints! And the best part is that you can follow along his journey, almost every day of the year.

6. Lost Leblanc

Christian Leblanc is always on the move in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and more. A real hard worker and entrepreneur at heart, he shares his mindset on the channel while taking you on his journey across the world. And let’s not forget the amazing drone shots 😉

7. Mr Ben Brown

A former professional athlete, now Ben is the master of the visual. His almost daily vlogs never gets boring because or the artistic cinematography and unique aesthetic. Such regular and high quality content is hard to find!

8. Chris & G Travels

Living in an RV, Chris &G’s adventures around America are awesome. Have a peak at how they make their unusual lifestyle work! Bonus points for the cutest dog footage.

9. Damon & Jo

These two are the most upbeat and happy people on the planet! They vlog in English, Portuguese and French — and are currently learning even more languages such and Spanish and German — real Polyglots! A fun mix for travel and language enthusiasts out there.

10. Exploring with Cody

Cody takes traveling to a new level with his love of Urbex aka Urban Exploration. Abandoned buildings around the world — who would not be curious about that. And, he’s got an awesome crew of explorer friends often joining him on his adventures. All the “exploring” channels are a blast.

11. Flying the Nest

This Australian couple has skied, kayaked, biked, hiked, camped and also went on a safari in Africa! Their recent adventure in Zimbabwe, exploring and volunteering is absolutely unique and epic — you have to give it a watch!

12. Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel is a real uncompromising adventurer. He has been on the road for deacdes now, never seeming to want to stop. No fancy hotels and tours, his budget-conscious travels do not stop him from doing some epic things like climbing the Machu Picchu, camping in the wilderness and hiking in amazing places.

13. Here be Barr

A new up and coming travel youtuber I have recently discovered! He lives in New York City and makes informative segments about the city when he’s not out traveling in fun places like Cuba! Watch his video about little Manila, a hidden side of new york!

14. Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson is called by some the “new Casey Neistat” with his daily vlogs filled with snowboarding, extreme sports, luxury cars and exotic destinations. For a life of travel of luxury that just doesn’t seem to end, his videos will become your daily fix.

15. Kombi Life

The life in a Kombi is a life of adventure! Can you imagine living in this Volkswagen Van full time? Traveling and driving around the country non-stop? Well that’s what this while channel is about — go live vicariously through them and I guarantee you’ll want to get your own van soon.

16. Maiku Wong

Another Canadian Aspiring travel vlogger, Maiku won a free trip to Hong Kong! He’s since been to Thailand, Cambodia and made friends all over South East Asia. My favourite things about his videos are the cool people he meets and includes in his videos. And his general positivity about things 🙂

17. PsychoTraveller

Full time travelling for more than 3 years now — it’s time for everybody to join the Psycho Family. Slow, in depth travel and 100% honestly is what I like about this channel. There is no sugar-coating of the nomad life, Aly keeps it real showing the amazing epic moments as well as the hard times. In this digital world, honestly is refreshing!

18. Samuel and Audrey

Travel lovers, and food lovers. Warning: don’t watch their videos on an empty stomach — I’ve made this mistake more than once. This upbeat couple is great at compiling great guides about the places they visit, recommending some awesome cafes and food places, and so much more! A lot of Korean food lately — I almost moved there after watching their videos!

19. The Budgeteers

This is a truly unique series on Youtube, that has no comparison out there. The budgeteers each get 1000$ and travel as cheaply as possible, until the money runs out. Already on season 2 in Central America, each episode is filled with the ups and down of hitchhiking and couchsurfing. Epic wins after epic failure, it’s a real roller coaster of adventure!

20. The Endless Adventure

The Adventure never ends for this awesome couple. Eric and Allison have visited some really cool places in the past year like Costa Rica and Germany — but even more is coming this year! They are also hopping on the RV bandwagon and are planning to buy one in 2017 to go explore the world. I can’t wait!

21. The New Travel

The New Travel, is one of the most genuine travel youtube channels out there. Dan does not shy away from the harsh reality of things and the small details that make every trip special and memorable. Top notch advice, inspirational videos and real quality content without any BS is what you’ll get.

22. True Transient

The True Transient is a true traveller. He’s not afraid to hitchhike, couchsurf and even decided to cross America on his kayak once. Can you imagine paddling all day, and have with you only what fits on the boat? Real off the beaten track travel, you can almost say he’s the adventurous one laying the path for the rest of us!

23. Way Away

The Way Away is the way to go! Josh and Ashley are another epic traveling couple. Their European travels in 2016 have been amazing — France, Bosnia, Istanbul — they were all over the place! A full year on the road is not easy and on top of that their video production skills are top notch. You’ll get hooked on their videos after a couple watches that’s for sure!

24. Elizabeth Travels

Could not make this list without including myself in the end! I had some crazy adventures in South-East Asia having gone on a 4 month long trip and am now working on a travel stories series in between trips. This summer, a fun trip to Eastern Europe is coming!

Let me know in the comments if I’m missing some equally amazing travel vloggers — I’ll be glad to expand this list even further!

Happy watching 🙂

Originally published at on January 10, 2017.

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I have recently embarked on a 4 months adventure across SE Asia and want to share it with you :

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