Calamities That Cause The Need Of Core Relief Items

Life is full of troubles and fears. Nobody out here is safe against the panic results of certain events. Natural disasters of every type are a practical example of events that abuses humanity in various ways.

Natural disaster usually happens unexpectedly. There is no time limit or restriction of location for them. The effectiveness of certain disasters left communities clueless. Homelessness and starvation are often experienced where communities have to depend upon the efforts made by relief supplier.

Calamities That Cause The Need Of Core Relief Items

Environmental Calamities:

Environmental situations that cause mental and physical stress along with destruction of residential and commercial properties are known as environmental calamities or disasters. They include floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic outbreaks, land slipping and nuclear plant explosions (in rare cases). Few of the most dangerous disasters are listed below.


Among the rest of natural disasters, flood are considered to be the most harmful calamity to keep communities helpless. Evacuation is the only safety measure that could be possible during extreme flooding. Flood can both destroy residential and agricultural resources that results in homelessness and hunger.


Earthquake is the most unsafe and destructive occurrence which can never be prevented. Communities are displaced as a result of extreme destruction cause by an earthquake. Government bodies and relief authorities play a key role in the survival of the affected population. They focus on providing emergency shelters to keep them safe.

Nuclear Plant Explosions:

Nuclear plant explosions are although happened in rare scenarios, but still they have affected communities a lot more than floods and earthquakes. There is no single chance to arrange safety measures for such type of explosions same like earthquakes and floods. They usually affect a wide range of population and spread across few kilometres.

Subsequent Situation:

After an environmental calamity occur, the affected community stays in extreme need of core relief items. Beside the loss of thousands of lives, the existing population need proper survival means that are offered to them in the form of these items. Although they can’t recover loss of lives and financial damages, they just fulfill the existing needs of the population.

Necessary Things:

Some of the key elements that are provided to an affected community include, but not limited to the following.

  • Emergency housing solution.
  • Containers for water and other stuff. D
  • Dry food of lasting quality.
  • Energy-efficient solar lights to overcome the energy needs.
  • Clothing and other covering stuff, including blankets.
  • Medicines and mosquito nets for malaria attack prevention.