Moving house is time consuming, moving countries more so. Instead of roaming the streets of Amsterdam in our free time, we’re roaming the Ikea show room. Instead of planning short trips in Europe we are unpacking boxes and moving furniture. Dinner at the finest restaurant in Amsterdam?Not so much, but plenty of dinners at Ikea restaurant!

And after all that work, the most appealing spot is the sofa in front of the television. But enough! This weekend we will make an effort to enjoy Amsterdam. And soon I want to book a night away… maybe Maastricht, maybe Bruges.

The great thing in the Netherlands is that most jobs come with a company car and a petrol card you can use to fill up at any station in the Netherlands. Want a weekend away in Germany — fill up the tank just before the border and you are good to go.

I seem to have the hang off driving on the other side of the road. Mostly! Once or twice when I go around a corner I end on the wrong side of the road. Luckily this little blue sign is a life saver:

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