Tinnitus causes nervousness

Tinnitus causes nervousness because it is a one degree of irritation of the auditory pathway; this irritating or even necrosis of single hair cells in the ear. The cell sends a signal which is evaluated as the auditory center pure tone frequency corresponding to the location of the cell that transmits the signal. This is reflected in a rumble or whistling in the ears.

In elderly patients, this leads to the first stop to hear high tones and later became deaf. Not only is the age of reason, another cause may be degenerative cervical spine. Another cause is vascular disease, which is caused by atherosclerosis or hypertension.

For this reason, doctors measured at the ringing in ears blood pressure and the condition of blood vessels. Among the other causes include brain tumors, but that the cause is rare. For treatment, there is not a reliable method, but it is possible to alleviate tinnitus in many ways. The patient can be helped by improving circulation in the blood vessels supplying oxygen to the cochlea.

This can be achieved is through inhalation hundred-percent oxygen through a mask, which would again lead to a better oxygen supply to the inner ear and thereby stimulate regeneration of sensory cells. Another method — known as the acronym TRT — is based on the fact that the auditory cues need to be reprogrammed, or the treatment of tinnitus changes their habits.

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