Kristi Coulter

Kristi — Thank you for writing this. It actually sparked a brief conversation with myself and a coworker, talking about how difficult it is to be the Everything Woman. A highlight from our conversation below:

“It’s so frustrating to be work + family + beauty + not-caring-too-much-about-beauty + smart + ambitious + nurturing + high heels (but not slutty high)” — me

“Yes! work* (but not career barbie) + family* (be willing to sacrifice everything to raise it full time, but you should also work bc we’re going to judge you if you don’t ) + beauty* (* you should look like an actual barbie but if you take longer than 3 minutes to get ready, you’re a diva, and we don’t like divas). — my coworker.

It can be so anger-inducing that men don’t lean into these conversations, but at least women are starting to talk. Keep fighting to good fight