How to stop being so jealous
Karen X. Cheng

Hmm. I was intrigued about Karen’s company 100 so I joined only to find out that they (Karen are shutting it down in two weeks. It didn’t work. But I did enjoy reading her original article about jealousy.

I think her article is particularly poignant at this time since she references Mark Zuckerberg as someone she is felt in an envious way. Of course we recently learned that his wife Priscilla has suffered three miscarriages. She is now happily pregnant again and appears all is well this time.

I do know a thing or two about miscarriage and I can safely guess that Mark and Priscilla were jealous of their own friends who already had babies of their own. And those friends were probably jealous of their friends who had school-aged children because at least the children could be in a mostly safe environment during the week. And those parents are jealous of those with adult children. And then there are those parents of adult children who are green with envy everytime their friends show pictures their grandchildren. And those grandparents…well, you get my drift.

Time for all of us to feel gratitude for what we have and what we can share.