The Introverted Parent Trap
Shalini C

I’m glad your writing about this because one of the biggest resentments I carried around in my early 20s about my mother all of a sudden crystallized one day as:

“Wait… she’s an introvert. An extreme introvert.”

And there were no elevators to run into people, and she worked from a computer in a distant suburb so really she was perfectly happy not moving in the social world at all for weeks at a time. She responded to requests for play-dates, coming or going, with almost reflexive no’s. I now strongly suspect she just didn’t want to deal with other kids’ moms.

For an extrovert this was torture. I wanted to be around people (not just my siblings!). I wanted to be in the middle of it all!

Introverted parents! At least enroll your kids in activities were other extroverted adults can watch them! For real.

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