CNA wk 8

Political analyst says red state might bleed blue come December Senate election

According to a political analyst expert, Alabama is predicted to swing left in the upcoming senate election. This predominately Republican state has not had a democratic candidate win since the early 90’s. There are several different factors that might change the results of this election and place a democratic candidate in office.

Close Virginia governor polls set Democratic nerves on edge

The governor’s race in Virginia is currently too close to call for either candidate. Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie are the two nominees, and currently, Northam is winning, but not by a lot. Democrat voters believe that Northam should be more ahead than he is, because of the campaigning he has done, but he is not winning in the polls enough for it to be clear that he will win over the election.

Democratic divisions in California complicate hope for national party gains

Conflict between Democratic congressional candidates in California could cause the state to lose nine seats in the state. Currently, the Democrats completely control the state government but that could change if resolutions are not made. It is possible that a Republican candidate, something that has not been done since 2006.

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