Good Writing

The ability to turn a simple story into a captivating tale with the way of words. Using imagery that goes beyond simply getting the point across and instead communicates the meaning with power. Presenting the everyday in a memorable way. These characteristics constitute good writing. Everyone has a story to tell but few know how to craft it in a way that leaves an impact.

Darling Magazine understands what good writing looks like and makes it their mission to present content that provokes thought and inspires action. Each article is written in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. One article featured on the Darling Magazine blog, embodies this mission and encourages readers to let go of the impulse to control and instead embrace uncertainty. Author of the article, Shauna Neiquist, turns a childhood memory of summer sailing into a lesson of learning to trust.

Neiquist writes in a way that captivates her readers, to draw them into her story and experience what she is describing. Her story, “On Wind and Wandering,” begins with a memory of summer and sailboats. The days where there was wind, everything could wait; taking the sailboat onto the lake was first priority. Good writers use vivid imagery to allow their reader to feel their story; Neiquist does more than simply tell her story, she creates an experience for her readers.

Good writing turns the everyday into something memorable and powerful in order to communicate truth. Neiquist compares riding a sailboat on a windy day to living a life letting go of control. The wind was never planned but when it happened the days of taking the sailboat on the lake were some of the best. Readers can resonate with the uncertainty of life and be encouraged to embrace the unknown through Neiquist’s simple story.

Writing well is a way for truth to be communicated with power; something Shauna Neiquist demonstrates through her storytelling.

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