A Day in the Life

August 13, 2015 — I wake up around 7 and hit the light switch, curious. Relief, today we have power. (On days we don’t, I open my blinds and the sun does the trick). I make breakfast, pack lunch, and then head to work. My walk is peaceful and people are cheerful. When I hear a “hello!” I know it’s likely meant for me, so I turn and wave. I see the striking plateau, the tip covered in a light fog. The roosters crow and the crickets chirp as I make my way to work. I arrive at Dignitas and am greeted by the guard and secretary, both of whom are friendly and sweet. I reach the M&E office at 8am and start the day of work.

The sun warms my skin as I stroll casually down the deserted street behind the office during my lunch break. I see a large, gray figure running towards me and I freeze. I realize it’s a monkey, and relax only slightly. (Side note: I have not had a bad experience with a monkey, they just make me nervous because they move so quickly). She has a baby clinging to her underbelly as she races atop the brick walls covered in ivy and flowers.

I walk home after work as the sun kisses the top of the mountains. The gorgeous glow of dusk covers the trees and the cool air surrounds me. I am greeted by the wagging tails of three happy pups. After watching the sunset with the dogs (which happens very early) I relax for the evening.

I’m happily becoming acquainted with this town and the beauty that is Zomba.

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