Love is in the Air

I was fortunate enough to attend my first Malawian wedding this past weekend. The venue was on Lake Malawi in a town called Salima. The backdrop for the ceremony was stunning. The groom is good friends with a GHC fellow friend of mine in Zomba and the bride just finished her GHC fellowship in the United States. It was a beautiful day.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was when the bride and groom dance, people surround them and throw money. It is such a fun sight. Groups are called up one at a time (“friends of the bride,” “friends of the groom,” etc) and kwacha is thrown into the air.

Another highlight of the day was a moment when a woman came up to our table that had a long tablecloth on it and said (in Chichewa): “Excuse me, I believe my chicken is under your table.” She proceeded to collect her chicken and go about dancing.

I am so happy I got to experience a Malawian wedding. I think you can learn so much about traditions and culture at a wedding, so my new goal is to attend a wedding at every country in which I live throughout my life. That will be more of a challenge in other countries. Weddings are very open events. The whole community comes (which I’m sure makes planning a nightmare). I have so far been invited to four weddings and can’t wait to see them all.