If I had to have a line for the way my life is going right about now it’d be….

Will You STILL serve God in the midst of the firestorm

…No seriously, will you?

I’m coming to the sobering fact that people are subject to failure.

I’m talkin’ that type of failure that will give you a handicap. (Walking with a cane n all)

The type of failure that will have you thinking “why did I come here again?”

The type of failure that will invite you to the most loneliest places of your life.

I could go on, but while you are there.

Will you remember the reason why God called you out of the mess you were in to serve him?

Will you remember when you needed him the most..all the people you put on the pedestal of you’re heart were no where to be found and he was the only one there?

Will you remember the day you had that first encounter and he stole you’re heart? (Nostalgia)


When you can’t serve in faith, serve on the fact that he…did…it…before.

Serve him on what you remember, he’ll bring it back real quick.

Life can Suck(with a capital “S”) but I admonish you (reminding myself too) don’t allow this storm..and all its ratchetness to Get you away from why God called you in the first place.

(The call will never leave you, no matter how far you travel in your mind)